My new second favorite cookie

I did it. I have found my new second favorite cookie. It's the Afghan cookie from Kiwi Bakery. My town's local bakery located somewhere downtown across the library, and near a good pizza place, Pizza Stop. I have stumbled upon it, when three weeks ago my friend went to Kiwi's bakery to try it out. And do you know the first  thing I bought? It was the Afghan cookie. After going there again today, you can probably guess what I got, the Afghan cookie. Yeah, yeah I know what you're probably thinking I should try the other stuff instead of that cookie, and that's what I'm going to do I swear. Here's a random pic of the Afghan cookie that I found on the internet, though the one I tasted was crunchy, had some nuts inside the cookie, and melt in your mouth chocolate.

P.S for those of you wondering what my first favorite cookie is. It's the classic chocolate chip cookie. Also the next time I go to Kiwi's Bakery and get that cookie, I'll take a picture of it, if I have a camera on me. Hmm, I wonder if my older sister would be willing to let me borrow hers.


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