Summertime Goals

Its summer (technically it’s still spring, summer doesn’t start till 6/21/11 anyway) and I’ve been out of school for nine days. My days have been filled with reading, and writing, mostly the former. As well as a bunch of other, stuff. I know I should be doing something else, but how could I if I have a bunch of empty slots in my timetable. On Tuesday, I’m going swimming with my friends, not sure, why I wanted to point that out. I can’t really go to any places because I can’t drive a car, or have anyone to take me. My older sister is in Peru, and she’s usually the one taking her siblings out to places, like the zoo, or shopping, or the local amusement park (that is if I can fully convince her to take us sometime). So I decided to make a list of what I want to do in the summer this year, instead of improvising it off, that I usually do every year. Well here, it is…

1.     Write more often.
I have found that I’ve been procrastinating on my writing lately, ever since I found the world of Nano, and Facebook, and well basically much the Internet. Ever since I started getting the internet on my laptop from home, I started to write less, and go online more. So this summer, I decided to hold at least one writing marathon a week, to recharge my writing spirit. It actually works, when I tried it last Thursday.

2.    Finish the first draft of my novel.
This is actually proving easier said, than done, since I started to be in my old writing spirit. But it might just prove to be a bit hard since I can’t always write from sun up to sun down, because I have to have a life outside of writing, right?

3.    Read a ton of books
This is also easier to do, than done, since I tend not to hang out with my friends often, and write a bit less, then I should. >_<

4.    Hang out with my friends a bit more often.
Just to make sure that one of them doesn’t go cut themselves again, or start brushing her fuzzy pillow again. (I know I know I have such random friends).

5.    Blog more often.
I know I know I have slightly been abandoning my blog. The reason is simple though, I haven’t got anything to blog about. Other than the fact that I’m so bored, that I might just start brushing my doggy pillow pet. But I don’t want to be that kind of blogger, always posting how bored I am. So I’ll try to find something to blog about. A contest perhaps?

6.    Possibly volunteer at the library.
Hey, it will look good on my transcript for next year. And my older sister did say volunteer a lot, at different places to get a good spot in colleges/ universities. Also, it will be fun.

7.    Get a summer job.
The reason is simple I need more money.  I can’t always go ask my mom for $5 because then she’ll get angry with me.

8.    Contact some random (not really) author.
I need someone professional to help me with my writing. Thankfully I live in a state that at least has some good authors, like Shannon Hale (that is if she still lives here), and Ally Condie. Both who have written good books.

9.    Organize my room.
It’s pretty clean right now and it’s been that way for weeks. But I don’t want it to become messy again, so during the summer I’ll try to organize it, and hopefully let it stay clean.

10.  Practice my French.
I’m going to practice my French this summer, so at least I’ll be prepared for French 3. And the French 3 teacher is going to be the same teacher I had for French 1. There are two French teachers, the French teacher that I have this year is teaching one French 2 class, and I was lucky (not) to be in it. And I’ll know at least what kind of work she’ll be giving to her French 3 kids, which is to say a ton of work. Hmm, I wonder if I’m going to get a girl pen pal next year…

Well that’s my ten goals for the summer. I’m sorry if I was rambling a bit but hey all great writers do it once in a while. Also, I’m sure that there are probably other goals that I forgot to mention, but I’ll try to remember it later on. As they say, human minds can be very fickle. Well, see ya, and have a great summer. 


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