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Today is the last day of school for the 8th graders at my school. It was fun, it was one of the only days where we can wonder around, go to the classes we want to go into without getting into trouble. And it always happens on the last week of school. Well since I was bored, I asked my friends some random quotes. And I am sorry if it offends you in anyway. Please go blame them, and not me.

P.S, sorry to my other friends, whom I didn't ask for random quotes. Also sorry if I spelled your name wrong,  or kind of gotten the quote mixed up.

RaNdOm QuOtEs from my friends

  • Oh shnizzles. ~ Paula R. 
  • If life is not how you like it, drop everything and start anew. ~ Sabastian P.
  • I don't know. ~ Brianna H.
  • The spirit of all mankind lies in freedom. ~ Easton B.
  • If your love is like a river that runs into an ocean, I want to be that ocean. ~ JoAnn D.
  • Life sucks then you die. (Aka Twilight book four) ~ Kayla W.
  • It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt. Then it's hilarious. ~ Kayla W.
  • Easy to hide, hard to show. Someone hurt, you'll never know. What's inside? The deepest pain. Little knowledge never gained. ~ Kalee W.
  • Smile it's the second best thing you can do with your lips. ~ Caylin D.
  • Don't say it if you value my sanity at all. Don't tell me you're fine. ~ Alyssa C.
  • Whatcha doing? ~ Tracy N.
  • Cheese. ~ Tim N.
  • Good guy: Psshh!
           Bad Guy: I'm the guy with the gun! ~ Kassidy S. 
  • If life gives you lemons and no sugar, dude you're screwed. ~Jenny A. 
  • When you see unicorns eating glitter poop, you are scarred for life. ~ Rachel A.
  • When life gets confusing, just smile and nod. ~ Jailine R.
  • What's with the status shuffle? ~ Jarica D.
  • Unicorns eating butterflies and pooping rainbows. Gabby H.
  • Forget love, I'd rather fall for chocolate. ~ Maddi H. 
  • The crazier the more fun. ~ Fiona S.
  • I don't have a random quote. ~ Candance S.
  • I love you Stacy. ~ Kiera H.
  • Chase the rainbow. ~ Kelsie H.
  • Sexy mcmeaty pants. ~ Abby G.
  • We're all killing ourselves, someway, somehow. So why bother getting angry at other people who you've think cause you some pain. When it was you who let their pain hurt you.  

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  1. I love those quotes! And thanks so much, even though i am not feeling better at all! <3, Shelby :(