A boring Sunday morning

Oh today is just one of those boring Sundays. Since my family doesn't go to church in the mornings, or the afternoons, or any day. It gives me some time to work on my blog, while I think of what to say, when I compose an e-mail to my older sister, that is currently in Peru for helping purposes. And another e-mail to my friend that frankly I don't have time to visit (lack of vehicle transportation), that I have been procrastinating, for a while now. 
Well as you may have noticed, I'm currently writing this, while listen to the radio. And I just listened to an inspirational that's not church related. It's Sing it for Japan, by My Chemical Romance. Here's the video for it below.

It's a bit sad if you look at it that way, but hopeful. Also, random fact did you that was Japan's biggest natural catastrophe in the last century. Bigger then the atomic bomb from WWII (well that was actually man made, but still). Hmm, I wonder if this is starting to lead to something, considering what is happening somewhere in the U.S.
Well, let's hope the 12/21/12 thing doesn't happen, or else I might wait a longer while, for Michael Grant to publish his last book in heaven. And none of his Gone fans would want that, would they? Well see ya. And don't forget to sing it for Japan. 

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