Another poem by Shelby.

Hello people, a person named Shelby- author of several great blogs, including one called Come All, Come Write.- sent in a poem. Feel free to comment, I'm sure she'll like that very much.

I’m a fish in a small pond,
Scared, shocked, every way I turn.

I’m a shark in the vast, blue ocean.
The fish try to run away, but don’t make it.

I’m a deer in the woods.
Roads are my biggest fear.

I’m an elephant in a zoo.
No way to escape, but I get attention.

I’m a cow on a farm.
This is my life. And it will end soon.

She did the animal POV's by the way if you're wondering. 


  1. thanks for posting it! and hoping to make another vlog soon, i just wish i could show my face. :P

  2. I tag you for the chocolate meme! :) ill be checking back to see your paragraph. Make sure you copy/paste the pics and the rules (has to be a blogger and like chocolate apparently!) :P