My Contest Entry for the YWP Nano Contest.

Hello, I'm entering the contest from the YWP Nano. If you want to know more about it the contest just go here. Well here it goes.

It all started on a perfectly cloudless day. The sun was shining everywhere, giving everything a positive side to them, full of hopes and dreams, and a side full of negativity, and broken promises. I sit in the middle of a burbling brook. The cold water was rushing by, not giving anything around them a care in the world. The tears stream down my pale face, my heart shattered into a million pieces, flowing downward with the water, far, far away from their crestfallen owner.
“Why?” I whisper. Tears just continue to pour out; the sun shines brightly, causing the water to sparkle merrily, unlike me. Nothing answered back, the trees, the water, the animals, everything around me continued to ignore me. I shake my head, not believing that it has actually happened. That he actually did it. The tears stream down faster as I remember holding his breathless body on my lap. I remember the blood dripping from his sandy haired head. The weapon that had tempted him to take his life away was just gone.
“Mia?” asks a familiar voice behind me. I don’t reply back, I wasn’t ready to turn around yet. Brackon sighs, and comes to sit down on the rock next to me. He gingerly wraps his arm around my shoulders, and says nothing.
“Why, Brackon, why did, Will, do it?” I whisper loudly. His shoulder was getting wet, but he didn’t care, and his grip tightens around my shoulders.
“Life has an uncanny way of telling you when it’s time to end, and start anew. It doesn’t care about the consequences, but it will always give us hope,” he says quietly. Hope, it’s such a pretty little word, and yet so powerful.
“Hope,” I whisper feeling it wrap around us, for a new beginning.

(300 words)
(Going into 9th grade [High School])


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  1. Wow that is beautiful. I am from NaNoWriMo too