A book Review of: I am Number Four

Hello guys! 
Today I'm doing a book review on the book I am Number Four. In my opinion this book was really good even though I kind of saw the movie before the book. So I was kind of confused in the beginning, but be glad that I didn't finish the movie ever. The book was a bit fast paced, and interesting in some parts, and a bit too lovey-dovey in others. And rarely boring. 
Here's a summary I found online, because you would get confused with mine, because it's such a good book, and I might give something away. 
Smith has just arrived in Paradise, Ohio, just another stop in a string of small towns where the 15-year-old has been hiding out from the Mogadorians. Those terrifying aliens are hellbent on destroying him and the other nine Loric children who have sought refuge on Earth. The Mogadorians are picking off the surviving kids in numerical order. The first three are dead and John's number is up. Will his Legacies, his defining super powers, develop in time for him to fight against the enemy?
You might be wonder who's the Loric children, and who the heck are the Mogadorians. You will only know if you read the book. I would highly recommend it if you like a bit of adventure, romance, and YA. It will keep you on your toes at night, making you wonder about some stuff.

Number one died in Malaysia
Number two died in England
Number three died in Kenya. 


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