Happy Fourth of July!

     Happy Fourth of July everyone. I hope you have a fun filled day today, and if you don't live in the U.S., then have a fun filled day anyways. Since we all shouldn't live our life in sadness, because that's just wasting your true meaning of life.
     Which I got to ask, one question. Why do we celebrate Independence Day? Is it for the food, the fun, the games? Or is it to celebrate the day the United States became a country. Finally moving out from their father's- Britain's- rule. Because it seems like to me that we've been celebrating Independence Day, for the fun, and games. In fact we've been kind of skimping the true meaning of holidays. It seems to me that, we've been celebrating holidays, just because it's a fun thing to do, vaguely remembering the true meaning of why we celebrate them.
     I'm not saying we should just stop having fun on this day, with parades, BBQ, and other stuff. Because it's also fun to hang out with friends and family on this day. I'm saying that we should be grateful, and at least remember why we celebrate it. That the actual true meaning, is to be grateful that the USA finally got away from Britain's rule, and become its own country. The other true meaning, is to remember the Declaration of Independence, when the United States declared their independence against Great Britain.
     In fact we wouldn't even be having an Independence Day today if we were still under Britain's rule. We would all be speaking British, sipping tea (no offense to any British people reading this), and enjoying the ways of Britain.
     So please take this day today to remember the true reason why we celebrate Independence day. Not because it's all a great party, but because of the U.S declaring their independence.

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