I like them
Red ones, blue ones, green ones
Eat the sky
Working its charm for the viewers
Orange ones, and yellow ones
Rocket toward the sky
Kissing the stars for a moment
Setting off the boredom of summer
Here's a poem I wrote about fireworks. It was fun on Independence Day, watching the fireworks in the cool night air. Grateful that it didn't rain. It was odd, I saw at least four different firework shows, from four different states. My state, Washington D.C, Massachusetts, and of course New York. Which made me wonder if they're going to start showing fireworks every year. Which would suck, because it wants you to see fireworks in real life, and/or make you wish that you were there right now.
Well here's a random pic, that I drew on Paint. It showed that the fireworks were everywhere, so very far away, while they were blasting off. It was very pretty, and I got to watch it for free from my house. It was kind of hard, because I had to keep on turning my head to watch it all at once.
And I would be by the blue pentagon. Which by the way is my house.  The green circle would be a tree, and the colorful star bursts is the fireworks. 


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