The runner ups.

Here are the runner ups of the summer contest. I'll post the second contest up soon, I promise. The first one is by Shelby, her blogs can be found at http://comeallcomewrite.blogspot.com/http://writinginsidejokes.blogspot.com/, and http://www.thefashionistagirls.blogspot.com/

by Shelby

The bell rings.
Only smiles,
as children
are freed.

The boys run home
already making plans
for a baseball game.

Splash! as the girls
jump into the pool.

That's when summer starts.
When happiness starts.

This one was written by a viewer named Nikita
Through the Open Plains
By:Nikita Johnson

In the hot Californian sun,did he sun set,and the girl's parents were talking.Sarah listened in and told Bianca what about.They were talking about the girls and their brother going to Texas!They were using the laptop to find chauffeurs and travel deals.Finally after 10 minutes the girls went to their comfy beds.
    The next morning their parents "surprised" them with the news.They were going in 2 days.They talked and went up to pack for the flight.The days passed as quickly as the desert sun.Soon,it was time.They told the parents bye,and got on he plane.They played games that 9 year old Sarah knew,but Bianca who was 13 didn't remember.
    It seemed like days had passed before landing.Jeremiah was waiting.Then,they picked up their baggage and took 3 hours to drive back to the ranch.On the way back the wind picked up speed and didn't slow down.It only went faster.
    They were in a monsoon with 2 tornadoes touching down.The wind reached 20 mph,and the car toppled over,them inside.They all were injured and finally got out.The parents eyes were glued to the weather channel and then they saw the tornado.
     They tried to come,but all flights were closed.A hurricane was on its way....


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