Contest Winner

Okay, I'm here today to announce the summer contest. I have received three entries, and they were all very good. But the one I chose was.... totallystargirl. Congratulations to those who entered. I'll post the runner ups tomorrow, and here's her entry. 

Swim (I changed everybody's names. I'm Storm, btw) 347 Words.

While everyone waded in carefully to get used to the temperature, I immediately dived in. Cold water raised goose bumps on my skin, but only for a moment. I smiled under the surface. I wished we had a pool at home, other than the wimpy blow up pool that was six inches deep. I would swim in it every day.
 I broke the surface, gulped in air and flipped back under.  I easily touched the bottom with my fingertips. The deepest part of the pool was about five feet or so, so when I stood on my toes, I could almost reach the surface.  Pushing up from the bottom, I launched myself onto the side of the pool and pulled myself up. Now I know what it means to be ‘dripping wet’.  I dived into the water and swam to the other side of the pool without taking a breath. Wow. I thought, blinking as I sucked in air. I didn’t know I could do that.  
  Someone grabs my leg and I swing around. It’s one of my best friends, Lauren, who’s younger than me, but taller and stronger.  I wait a while until she’s talking to her mom and standing on a step. Like an alligator-or a dragon, as I prefer- I stealthily sneak up and grab her ankles. She shrieks and falls back into the water, both of us laughing.
After a wonderful couple hours of swimming we laid out our towels and talked about random stuff. Books we liked, animals, random things like that. Lauren ran to her car and came back with a piece of cardboard. I turned it over and smiled, hoping I wouldn’t cry. Lauren had taken a bunch of random pictures and glued them on, and then added a small piece of paper, and on it she wrote:  “Three girls from different families met one day and now (intentionally) stay intertwined with each other’s lives. Lauren, Storm and Lily. Summer 2009-2011.” Smiling, me and my sister Lily hugged Lauren and started home. What a wonderful beginning to a wonderful day.

Congrats again, and here's your prize choices
  1. Guest blogging on my blog
  2. Me guest blogging on your blog (if you have one)
  3. Me making you a book cover, or a signature (I'm not really good at making book covers but I'll try)
  4. Me personalizing a picture for you (I don't have much experience in this, but I'll try)
Please comment on what you want, and if you want to some examples please go to this link. http://s1191.photobucket.com/albums/z479/1018mockingjay/signatures/
Other examples are...


  1. That is an awesome piece! The author gave a big feeling with a few words! ((Are you going to do another contest? I didn't get around to entering this one.))

  2. ((Of course there's going to be another contest. I'll post it up most likely tomorrow))