The contest stories

Sorry, I know that I promised to post this yesterday, but procrastination has been plaguing me lately. And books, and my novel...
Well back to the point, here are the stories, from the Dear Family, contest.

Eshy's story

Dear Family,                                                                                                              September the 18th, year of 1950
     If you are reading this that means I have died in battle and my commanding officer has sent this to you upon my request.
They say they'll come and collect our bodies and send them home for a proper burial after the war is over. If what they say is
somehow changed, which no doubt it will be, I along with all the other fallen soldiers are to be buried here, in South Korea.
Wherever my body lay, I only hope that in afterlife I'll see you all again. Since I can not help ease your pain of my loss, I
shall leave you with what I have, the latest news of the war. The rumors have it that the rest of the United Nations are soon
coming to join our fight to stop the spread of Communism takeover in the South and ultimately, the rest of Asia, perhaps
even the world. I am among the first to fall in what is seeming to be another long war, perhaps not quite as long or as terrible
as that of the World Wars. But I know to any one of us soldiers, longing for home, it seems just as terrible and just as long. I
have always tried to keep part of home in my heart as I know so many other soldiers do as well and now at rest I leave you
with my love.                                                                     -Soldier William Blaine, U.S. Army,

Olive's story. 

Hello Mum and dad! I’m having a wonderful time in Pairs! I can’t believe I am here! 4 years of waiting and here I am! Everything is so bright and busy! It is so beautiful at night, all the lights! Amazing! It all blows my mind every time I look out the window, and/or pick up my camera to get a photo of a certain flower. The Eiffel Tower is so beautiful at night, breath taking. I have so many photos of it! (5 new photos in this letter by the way)
While in Paris, besides getting photos for those two magazines in the states, I am learning so much! For example, Paris’s motto is in Latin:Fluctuat nec mergitur which mean: It is tossed by the waves, but does not sink, in English. I am also learning some French, but I keep saying everything wrong. Luckily, I meet someone who is willing to teach me while we tour together. This is exciting, and very helpful, because now I won’t have to worry about saying anything to other people. You know how shy I am.
Here is some background on the photos.
The one of the very cute guy is of Pierre-Louis my tour partner.
There is two of the Eiffel Tower, one at night and one in day.
The view at the top of the Eiffel Tower, which was amazing by the way.
And of course one of me, it’s not the best, but hey, it’s better than nothing.
Well I have to catch this bus, I love you both!


  1. those are really good entries! and thanks, I think ill use it for nano!

  2. thank you for your suggestions! i love your theme too, its really cute!
    Forever, Juliet

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