Last minute writing prompts

Eeek, sorry for the last minute post. School has been taking a lot out of me. I tripped over my chihuahua three times -_- Got hit with a ball in gym four times, mainly by a yellow basketball. Then after school, I read before doing my homework. Which took a bit out of me, then I started to go onto nano, a bit and read some more before going on here.
Well that was boring, *Yawns* I think I might go in early. Oh and for you curious bookworms I'm reading
Water Keep by J. Scott Savage (my main one where I bring to school)
Dust City by Robert Paul Weston  
et (means and in french)
Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life (School's book of the month. Candy here I come ;) )

And it's so far so good. The last one it's pretty funny with cool drawings, like the Wimpy Kid books. The other two have good fantasy features.
*Facepalm* I'm rambling, I'm suppose to be writing writing prompts not books.  Well here it is. (P.S some of them are from my stories from aschoolstoryaday.blogspot.com)

  1. You are a paranormal that's going to be starting the revolution. What is the revolution about and why?
  2. Write about something that happens in your most boring class. Make it as crazy if you want.
  3. Write a letter to your teacher explaining why you're not allowed to do homework. 
  4. Write about something insane that has happened in your life
  5. Write about something that has the famous quote, Live, Love, Laugh 
  6. Write about sleeping. 
My mind is a bit tired, and a bit centered around school, as you can see. And also if you want you can e-mail them to me at ~New email account~ thehungergamesmockingjay@gmail.com. And I will post them on this blog. 

The other one (this) shall be used only for people who wants to guest post. Since I don't want to have spammers get to it. 
Well bonne nuit, or au revoir if it isn't night in your country right now. 

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