For not posting much, I was really busy writing on my novel yesterday (So close to the ending, I'm so excited) Plus school, and those two seem to be sucking my creative juices. And when the weekend does come, I'm usually hanging out with my older sister.
Well to make it up to you, I'm going to post another poem, which I know you guys must be getting a bit bored by now. I know you guys need more writing prompts, and tips. And I will do those tomorrow or Wednesday. If not, then don't think I'm dead or it's the end of the world, because it isn't, I may have forgotten.
Well here it is.

Forced to smile
Not allowed to frown
Forced to keep up the fake happiness
Not allowed to show his true feelings
Scolded for frowning
Tears start to fall
He was scolded again
This time
Silence start to
Wrap around him. 

 P.S. Have you guys noticed that my poems are usually sad?


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