A story

I don't have much to say today, so I'm just posting a story from my other blog http://aschoolstoryaday.blogspot.com. And it took me three weeks to notice that something was missing, and it's lying under the followers thing. Well here is the story.

Once upon a cupcake kind of time, in a land that isn’t so very far away. There was a queen named Valeria, who ruled a kingdom called Boredom. And in Boredom, you just do well boring stuff, with boring people. There weren’t really any exciting things going on in their lives, well maybe getting a foreclosure… There were never any wars, because the neighboring kingdoms thought they were too tedious to fight. Even no one came into the kingdom, because he or she would think that once he or she leaves, he or she would become just as boring him or herself. And not any of the natives themselves would dare leave.
“Hey do you want to go exploring today?” asks Jenna, again, day after day for the last five years. And day after day, I would always decline her, because the woods seemed boring to go in. With nothing ever stirring at the edges, and nothing even coming out.
I sigh about to say the same thing again, “I do-”
“Wait, a minute before you say anything, just here me out,” she says cutting m off. I nod, not really caring about what’s going to come next, but I didn’t really want to go back to working with the smoldering fire. “Okay…” she says trailing off.
“Go on,” I reply in my monotone voice. Everything seemed dull and gray, even Jenna seemed boring, with her brown hair in irregular curls, her tiny straight nose, and the unnatural rose in her cheeks. Even her eyes were a bit unusually green, with some seriousness mixed in and something else, something irregular.
“Okay, if you’re wondering why, I only ask you the same question everyday…” I start to zone out, my eyes were starting to droop, nothing but smoke seemed to be in my mind all day. “Hello Mangus? Are you listening to me?” I shake my head and start to pay attention to her. Giving her the attention as if she was another costumer, and not some girl, that I don’t really consider my friend…
“Okay,” she sighs a bit irritated, “back to the point the only reason why I ask the same question every day and not someone else, is…. Well…” I star to zone out again, not really noticing her nervousness. “IsthatI’mgettingmarriedtothejerkprincebutIdon’twantto, andplusyouseemfuntobearoundwith.And…” she says in a breath, jerking me awake.
“Huh?” I ask confused by what she meant. But I was starting to pay attention, really pay attention. There was a strange feeling coursing through me, and it almost reminded me of that one person long ago, that visited Boredom. He was trying to sell some substance, and he tested it on himself, and… happiness seemed to flood him. This feeling was like happiness, but different somehow… and yet a teensy bit familiar.
“So do you want to go exploring today?” she asks, pretending that she didn’t say what she just said before.
“Yes,” I say surprising myself, some strange feeling flooding through me, and through her eyes as well.
“Okay we start today…”
To be continued? 


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