A tired (cover) post

It's around 3:24 A.M for me, and I'm tired. Last night I stayed up all night, before going to sleep around six in the morning. Which isn't good, since I'm already in school in stuff. In fact I have no clue why I'm writing this, nor will you know the reason why I stay up this late. In fact I'm just rambling again. Any second I'm just going to go to sleep, so I better and hurry and finish this up.
And man I'm I glad I don't have school tomorrow.

Which one is the better cover?

And yes they're all from the same book, just different cover designs for each country. My favorites are one and four. One because it was obviously from the U.S, and four because the wings just fit so perfectly with the blonde? hair. And the others I think are for Europe. 
Comment below, for which cover you like better. 


  1. by the way, I also have other blogs and am super busy with school and sports as well as writing and reading on a daily basis, so by the end of the month if I don't get the view I'm hoping for, I will be canceling Come All, Come Write but i will be keeping the newsletter :)