What I'm going to do for my Nanowrimo.

I've been planning this for quite a while now, but I kind of been procrastinating about posting what my nano is going to be. I already planned it a couple of months ago, since I was so excited and it's my first one. Wow random, run on rambling sentence.  Well here it is.

Long summary:
On a sunny day...
Everything was normal. The adults were at work, the children in school. Everyone was doing his or her job. The sky was clear and blue, not a cloud was in the sky. Till at exactly one in the afternoon, the sky turned dark. Everything was as black as night. Streets, cars, houses...
It was the day of invasion.

16 years later, in the year 2050, Brackon begins afoot the revolution. For 16 long years, the earthlings have secretly been planning a revolution. Right under the Imperiors' noses and the time has come to take action.

For 16 years, Mia's parents have taken over earth. For 16 long years, they have raised earth as if it was one their children. Doing countless acts that were for the "good" of the community. Until they die which was on her 16th birthday. Now everything rests on her shoulders including the plan to kill the earthlings.
But along the way to old Washington D.C. now called by the Imperiors Terra Antiqua. Latin for the Ancient Land. Brackon starts discovering the real reason why the earthlings want to have a revolution so badly. All of it not good for the Imperiors. Now he’s starting to wonder if all of it’s a good idea anymore. Mia is still sulking about her parent’s sudden death. Suddenly wondering what’s right and wrong anymore. 

Short Summary:
Everything changes when Earth gets taken over by the Imperiors in the year 2034. Now 16 years in the year 2050 life changes as the lives of billions rests on two people, as they have to make the choice that risks the other race. Who will die first the Earthlings, or the Imperiors?

And around this week, I'll show you my characters profiles, and try to get up my nanowrimo page on my blog. 
Well au revoir. 
P.S I changed my signature. 
P.P.S Six more days till my birthday!! Just wanted to share that information on you


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