Who my nano stars are

I've posted my nano plot up a while ago, if you didn't see it go here. Well a plot can't be a story without characters, so who are going to be my stars for the plot? Well I'll tell it to you, because I don't have much to do, except read the Hunger Games and write.

Three things you need to know:
Imperior: The group of people that comes from the planet Miris.
Earthlings: The group of people that comes from the planet Earth.
Implings: Half Imperior half Earthlings.

Brackon Lightwing: A main character that goes onto a revolution, he’s an Earthling. Plus he has a ‘small’ crush on Mia, that’s been there ever since she first appeared on TV

Mia Waterfall: My other main character, who rules the world (well at least part of the world), she’s an Imperior. She doesn’t realize it yet but she likes Brackon, though how she sees his face, no one will ever know.

Kalee Killjoy: She’s Mia’s bodyguard and most trusted friend, she’s also an Imperior. She may appear tough, mean, and ferocious on the outside but on the inside, she’s nice and sweet, especially to Mia since they’ve been friends forever.

Brandon Hatch: He’s a fourteen-year-old Imperior that helps Mia along the way.

Rose Shorten: Mia’s only friend that’s her age, she has leukemia but Mia doesn’t find out yet. She’s possibly one of the only Earthlings that are friends with Mia.

Jaycen Egglesten: She’s a sixteen-year-old Imperior that helps Brackon along the way of his journey/revolution thing.

James Offleson: He’s an Earthling that is best friends with Brackon. He’s the one of the few people Brackon will listen to, and tell his problems too as well.

Carl Loutfur: He’s Brackon’s private tutor, slightly crazy but he hides it very well. He’s an Earthling.

Sabastian Loutfur: He’s Carl’s older brother, and also Mia’s private tutor. He’s an Earthling, and one of Mia’s few friends.

Paula Rodriguez: She’s an Impling, one of the famous Three Musketeers (A trio of famous TV show hostesses.) She’s very optimistic as well as pessimistic about life.

Eliena Everstien: Another one of the famous Three Musketeers, she’s the Imperior of the group. And she views life in an optimistic way.
Lynn Acey: The last of the Three Musketeers, she’s the only Earthling of the group. She views life pessimistically

Mitchie Harris: She’s a spy in training aka S.I.T, an Impling. And she travels with Brackon, and so doesn’t have a crush on him.

Selina Hide: She’s Mia’s cousin, making her an Imperior. She travels around the world a lot, for some reasons unknown, but the main one is trying to run from her problems, which is kind of working.

Rosia Lightwing: Brackon’s younger sister, the only other person that can listen to Brackon’s problems without judging him, and his only most trusting younger sibling.


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