Dear technology,

Dear technology,
I understand your excitement for Christmastime, because then it means you get more chances to go into a home.
However I must inform you, that it's still a month away from Christmastime, and plus the turkey is pretty angry. November is held only for Thanksgiving, and Nanowrimo. A month of giving thanks and trying to write a novel in a month, not the time to give out presents or ask Santa Claus anything. So please cut out your Christmas ads that is on the TV and radio, and your Christmas music, reserve that for after the day of thanks.

A person that's been talking to the turkey lately.
P.S. Thanks for reading.

I haven't actually talked to turkeys lately, but I just find the Christmas ads annoying. Couldn't I just get a month of working on my dreadful science project, before getting rewarded with Christmas? Oh well, poor Thanksgiving, Christmas is going to take over the world. With the other commercial holidays by its side. (Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter? And well the other holidays where you just buy a lot.)
Now that's the end of my rant, and time for a random video.
Moral: Read a book.


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