Who am I: A teenage girl (that might be feeling slightly guilty for some reason)
How am I: Good, I guess.
Where am I: N/A
When am going to talk about the blog for a bit: Now
Blog followers: Vingt (twenty in French)
What I might have to say to them: Merci for making this possible. : )
Other blog stuff: More writing tips might be coming, if I find any good ones.
Other non blogging and non me stuff: I have to talk a bit on my nano now do I?
Current word count: 9,379
Current problems: None, not including when to stop one person's POV and to begin the other.
And the ending... a small nano excerpt:
Five year old Selina's POV, in the prologue.

The last view I had of Miris was all gray, wildlife crushing every manmade item there ever was. Dead eyes, as well as alive ones from the soldiers still staying to fight somehow looked straight at me when the ship was about to go. I shivered having no clue what that meant, till I was older. I whispered a bye; my heart feeling like it will never be the same again, as the leaving Mirians will have to find a new planet to make a home on, almost like Nature invading ours. 

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