A small unedited excerpt

From Adele's novel, that I might write in the new year.

“Don’t leave me,” I whisper to him in the darkness of the cave.
“I-I won’t,” he says back.
“I promise.” Then he gently took me into his arms and kissed the darkness away.

I wake up the next day, the light shining softly from the cave entrance. Everything smelled fresh, and rocky, without a hint of gunpowder in the air. I smile sadly, not noticing that something was very different.  That someone was missing. I stretch my bare arms, shivering slightly, and then started tightening the holey blanket, a bit closer around me.  
“Nathanial?” I whisper cheerfully. Only the response I was waiting for wasn’t his voice, it was silence.
“Nathanial?” I whisper again only this time a bit louder. He didn’t respond, and I tentatively raise my head to look if he was behind me. Only there was no one, it was just a soldier’s uniform folded neatly, with an extra jacket. Nathanial’s jacket, his last gift to me, before he had to leave forever.
“No,” I say not believing the truth. But the evidence was right there, as the morning started mocking me. Tears start to clog my vision, as the truth kept on staring at me straight in the face. I curl into a tight little ball, knowing I should get dressed, should get moving before anything bad is going to happen. Just like what Nathanial would have wanted me to do. Only I couldn’t move, nor will I ever move, knowing that I will just die anyways. I shut my eyes tightly, and for once I didn’t care if the rocks sand and pebbles were digging into my bare skin, making it sting. It felt better than the hurt that was slowly creeping up on me from the inside.
It felt better than nurturing a broken promise, and a broken heart, for the rest of my pitiful life. 

Which reminds me of this song. 


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