Katie from Not At All Stupid is having an Important Conversation blog event for the next week or so. And today's blog topic is about bullying. If you want to join in or want to tell a person about it go here, to tell her. I'm sure she'll appreciate it very much.

Plus I'm going to join in for all or a couple of them, so be prepared.

                         Bullying, it’s how safe schools started. Because of one or a group of bullies and some unhelpful bystanders wouldn’t stop ‘teasing’ one or a group of kids. In fact, the ‘teasing’ got to a level where it’s so bad that the victim decided to one day defend him/herself by bringing a weapon to school one day. Most likely, the weapon was a gun, and most likely, that gun wasn’t a toy gun. And most likely, that gun wasn’t going to stay hidden very long. Then the terror came when the victim started to shoot everyone the bullies, the unhelpful bystanders, and some of the teachers. The school under lockdown, everyone under tables trying hard not to breath for fear that they might get shot. Police waiting outside trying to get the situation sorted out.
                All this happened because of bullying. All because of the bully ‘teasing’, that the victim had to endure day in and day out. It might eventually lead to that or to something worse and that is suicide. And don’t think I’m kidding when I said that victims of bullying bought a gun to school and shot people. It used to happen a long time ago all around the world as well, before safe schools happened, before most of the schools started to get a bit stricter. Now days that’s rare, now days the victim would probably commit suicide. Unwilling to tell anyone about it because for fear that the person he/she told won’t listen, or probably think it’s all a joke.
                And if you’re a victim of bullying and told the school about it, but the school won’t help. Just know that you’re not alone. Just know that there are other people who are experiencing the same thing you’re feeling. And just tell someone, please? Because I swear, it will help you feel better. Even though it may seem like a big mistake, but trust me it won’t be a mistake.  It will be a lifeline out of bullying. 

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  1. It's definitely true - bullying can lead to things like suicide, and to kids bringing guns to school to "strike back". And even the kids who don't take such drastic measures are affected - they lose confidence, they don't do as well in school, they're scared and upset and don't know what to do about it. Bullying is a serious problem! Thanks for posting about it. :)