A Peeta quote

If I die, I still want to be me. 

Peeta Mellmark, The Hunger Games (movie?)
I finally get this quote, after maybe of two or one year(s) of not really thinking much about it. But after reading the book The Girl Who Was On Fire by about fourteen authors. In short the book is an anthology, and it gives you a different way of looking at The Hunger Game series, gives you more of an in depth and philosophy about the trilogy. Hey maybe I'll write a book review on it, tomorrow or on Sunday. 
Well now I'm rambling a bit, and now I shall stop. The quote that is featured, means that Peeta would still want to be his baker, non murderer self when he dies. He also doesn't want to be crazy and act like some of the other tributes since the game started. Because in a way he knows that he's worth much more than that, not a piece in the Capitol's games. While Katniss is still trying to grasp that concept for a long while.

Now go read the book The Girl Who Was On Fire it will make you realize how in-depth the Hunger Games really is.


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