Happy Valentine's Day

It was kind of sad this year seeing all the other people in school with their roses, candy, balloons and stuff. While I'm over here with a pencil, a store bought card, and a soda given to me by friends and for being a four point oh genius (thus the reason why I got the soda). (It's some school thing where they award people with four point ohs.) But later on in the day I became happy and me. Here's a picture describing my day.

I realized that I don't need a guy to make me happy. I can become happy on my own terms. So before Valentine's Day even started (about a week ago I think) I promised myself that I would have no Valentine. It was simple and actually quite nice. But since it is Valentine's day... 

No hearts with gooey romantic stuff just some ice cream and a cherry on top. (Who's your boyfriend I forgot, is it a, b, c...) (Childhood days, they never leave ya) 


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