A french word meaning piece. Like a piece of pie. It's also an English word.

morceau \mawr-SOH\, noun:
1. Piece; morsel.
2. An excerpt or passage of poetry or music.
(source dictionary.com it's also the word of the day) 

mor·ceau [mawr sṓ] n.
1.  short composition: a short musical or literary composition  
2.  small piece: a tiny piece, e.g. a small mouthful of food  
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
(According to the dictionary on my computer) 

Examples would be: Feed the dog with a morceau of pie or prepare to hear the begging noises all night long. 
Or Not unless you are able to provide me with a little morceau of help.
-- Amitav Ghosh, Sea of Poppies
(First example I just made up second example would come from here.)

So by now you must be wondering why I taught you a new word. And it's because I want you to expand your vocabulary. And maybe get a kick out of it because if you say it enough it starts to sound like the two words more soul. Just like I am right now... kind of. Also quick question does A Sea of *Morceaux sound better or does A Sea of [random?] Pieces, or A Sea of [random?] Words?
A poll will be over there on the side of my blog if you are willing to answer.
And if you are wondering why I am asking that is simply because I decided to make my random collection of poetry and short stories/flash fiction/excerpts into a book from createspace (because I won nanowrimo.) So in order to do that, I need a title, then once I have the title I can make the cover and all that other stuff. 
So please help me with finding a good title. 
*Morceaux is the plural form of morceau. 


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