What kind of nerd am I?

Shortened, less condensed version of a random conversation in my science class today. Most of the conversation is kind of wrong but you get the general idea.

Guy in my science class: Are you a nerd Mr. [science teacher's last name]?
Teacher: Well nerds are a person that loves to do something very much. There's the one that loves science, books, etc. nerds.  So... I guess I'm a science nerd, a computer nerd, and [some other nerd that I can't remember right now]
Girl with black hair that's not me: What kind of nerd am I [science teacher's name]?
Teacher: An anime nerd.
Same guy from above: What kind of nerd am I?
Teacher: A theater nerd.
Guy: *Makes a dramatic pouty face*
Teacher: See *laughs*

Etc. etc. You can see where that's going. A bunch of other students asks what kind of nerd they are. The teacher thinks for a minute and replies. Then we had to move on to presenting stuff which was typically boring.

During that random conversation about nerds, I started thinking as usual.
What kind of nerd, am I? I think to myself. And being my usual school quiet self I kept my hand down and didn't ask the teacher what kind of nerd I am. Because he'll most likely say...
"Hmm... I don't know, probably some kind of [random thing] [creative?] [writing?] [books?]  nerd."
So while I was thinking What kind of nerd am I? I made a short mental list and I'm going to post it here.

I'm a...

  • Writing nerd
  • Blogger nerd
  • Academic nerd (the one that usually gets straight A's) 
  • Book nerd
  • Procrastinator nerd
  • Being me nerd. 

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  1. Nerds ftw! Also, I've given you an award on my blog - see the post about it here: http://flipflyfall.blogspot.com/2012/02/award.html