Done aka I'm re-opening my blog again.

Dear everyone,
Happy one day late spring equinox day. It's finally spring! ^.^ Which means, hello sunshine and warmth. Plus everything is blooming again, the sun is warmer, there's more daylight, more stuff to do, etc. Also something with spring is spring cleaning. -_- Which I might have to do in a couple of months, or probably summer depending if the weather is going to postpone this year's planned event. Most likely not, but there's always a bit of hope, right? Right

Also, I hope you like the new blog design from btemplates.com. The templates come from all over, like wordpress themes, maybe some tumblr themes? And others, that I can't think up right now. However amazing the templates look there's always a downside to them. For example, on some you can't change the font (why?), and you have to deal with unwanted highlighted all white posts which does that for no reasons, which kind of irritated me a bit before I found one that didn't do that. However there's no navigation bar on the top (again, why?). Which doesn't help, if I wanted to write a post really quickly, or go to the next blog, or work on the blog's design. Plus three's sometimes small posting room or small spaces for your widgets, or both. There's also the matter of the layout, where you can and cannot place widgets, etc. But there's plenty that doesn't do that, I think.

Minima Elite [Elite Minima?] is the template I'm using at the moment, it has a wide posting space, which I like. But it doesn't give enough space for the pictures on the general whole of the blog. And plus instead of reading multiple posts all at once, it's just excerpts of posts. With read more buttons next to them, which is kind of a downside, but I find I kind of like it. After all would you really want to read all my posts all at once? That was just some downsides, hope you like it, and have a great spring. And good luck to those of you who has to start spring cleaning soon.

P.S. I'm sorry for lying about re-opening my blog last evening. I didn't really start to work on it yesterday evening, and I was kind of napping for a couple of hours. So I was unable to do any work at the time. Not unless I found a way to play on the computer while sleeping...
Well moving on, it's open now is it?


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