More than a simple life

Ahh the first day of spring break. For the next eight days I'll be writing my script for Script Frenzy, reading, writing two essays, and writing on an radio script. As well as other stuff like dying of boredom, blogging or tumblring, or probably doing something with my family. Heck, most likely all three.

How about you? Did you already have spring break? What did you do? If not, then when is your spring break? Also what will you do?

Now I have the sudden urge to write in french now. Je lirai les livres. Je mangerai la nourriture. Etc, etc. 
Now moving on to a random song called Simple Life by My Favorite Highway

So, so, so tell me where do we go
There is a burning that's inside of my soul, and it shows
We all want something more than just a simple life

Hey, hey, so give me something to say
I had the words but then I through them away, and you know
We all want something more than just a simple life


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