A world of peace

It has to start now. If any of you have seen the Kony 2012 video by Invisible Children then you know who Kony is, and the world's goal to stop him. If you haven't seen the video then I highly recommend you watch it right now. Sure it's a half hour long but it's good to know about him, right now. And it will benefit you, I promise.

Kony a person that takes abducts children in Africa. He makes the girls into sex slaves, and the guys into young soldiers. Their first assignment to kill their own parents... I think. That reminds me of a movie, I saw a while ago. It was also held in Africa there were children soldiers and diamonds. It was kind of funny, violent, sad, and worth your time if you see it. It's called Blood Diamonds however it's rated R, because of the violence. So ask your parents first and have them watch it with you if you're under 18.

Well back to the point. Go watch the Kony 2012 right now, and spread the word. Everyone should know about him and worry on having him arrested. But the government won't do it, if we don't care enough about the issue. Random fact, Kony's the number one criminal in the world. I'm not kidding it even says so in the video. He has to be stopped! Innocent children are scared out of their minds right now. Scared that they'll be abducted and/or killed. Scared that they'll lose their family. Scared that they won't have a proper life of school, books, playgrounds, and well a normal childhood. They're scared, and you have the power to help them not be scared. So spread word of this video around right now.

The goal is to make Kony famous, as famous as Lady Gaga. And if he's as famous as her than people will care enough to have him be arrested. Only he's not going to become famous  because we celebrate him, he's going to be famous because we want him to be known as the world's dirtiest criminal.

So go watch this Kony 2012 now. And I promise I'll stop linking the video. Spread the word though!

Definitely not some political campaign!
Just spread the word and show them this video

 P.S. Thank you little brother for telling me about this video. Even though you're never going to read this. And thank you tumblr for forcing me to watch the video.
 P.P.S I lied didn't I? I said I was going to stop linking the video after the fifth time. But there's a sixth link to the video under the picture.


  1. I just finished watching the video. Wow. I had no idea that this was so bad. I just found out about it briefly yesterday; I saw a few people on Youtube comment and say KONY 2012, but I didn't even know what it was about. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I'll definitely repost this video.

  2. I forgot to ask you about the meme you sent me. I feel like this is a really obvious question but...
    What's an OC?!