Script Frenzy

A couple nights ago, while looking at the Nanowrimo front page. My tired mind forced my hand to click the link to the Script Frenzy site. After signing in and updating my profile page, it took me a minute or two think about what I just did. I just got on the Script Frenzy page and updated my profile while a week before I would have not done it. Not log on, explore the site, or actually do the event. But now here I am learning about slug lines, the margins, finding character references, trying to get my plot just right, etc. for an even that I didn’t even want to do a year ago.
A reason why, would probably be I’m writing deprived. Another reason would be that subconsciously I’ve wanted to do it all along. I’ve not really written much now days for some reason. Probably not enough motivation, laziness, and as well as school getting in the way, to actually sit down and write a story. Though that doesn’t excuse the fact that there are bits of stories floating in my head waiting to be written down and kept forever.
So now after what I think is rambling from up above. I have now decided to tell you what you should have already figured out by now. I’m now doing Script Frenzy, after some accidental clicking. My username is still the same 1018mockingjay on both the YWP and adult ones.  So you should friend me, if you want. And… I just realized that I never really explained the objective (or not at all) did I?

Well there I just explained it, or in truth just showed you. Script Frenzy is just where you write one-hundred script pages in thirty days. It’s in the month of April and like November; it also has thirty days, which I already explained. And also on the YWP one, you can choose how many script pages you write. And since this is my first year, I’m going to try for fifty pages on the YWP one. My actual goal is one hundred pages. Which is going to be a bit hard considering that finals is most likely going to happen around that month as well. But I’m willing to try.


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