A [field] trip to a french restaurant

On this rainy mostly cloudy day, today, I had to wear a white dress (with pink flowers) with black wedge heels. It was of course kind of cold, as you might expect on a day that just rained. The day was also a bit dark yet light in a way that made you hope that everything might turn out to be okay in the end.

I was glad that I had my jacket with me, for without it my teeth would be chattering and I would have gotten sick twice in one month. I was also glad that the yellow school bus was warm, and not a freezer, because that would have been bad, very, very bad. 

It was a squished, forty-five minute bus ride. The bus completely full, filled with more French deux kids than last year. While most of the kids from French trois (including moi) were around the bus somewhere. The ride was boring, filled with looking out the window, making up stories in my head, hearing some of the still obnoxious eight grade kids, talking, messing with my camera, etc.

It was why I was excited when the bus finally reached the property of the French restaurant. After passing through a gate, up a slightly long driveway, passing through another gate, and finally reaching the parking lot, we were here. We were finally here ^.^

And this time, we were fortunate enough to eat first. Unlike where last where, we had to wait a long time, walk around in the gardens while it was slightly raining (what is it with going to the French restaurant in the rain?), and generally just freeze our *derrières off. All the while we were waiting to be let inside the fortunately warm (not very animal friendly in terms of art) lobby. Before going up the stairs to one of the dining areas. 

After looking for a spot to sit with anyone, my friend **Johanna and I finally found a spot by the windowed doors, with a person from the French deux class joining us.

There was a bit of waiting and ordering, and then came the five course meal. This was a lot considering that I had to pay $28 to go.

First course: appetizer, escargot
Not that bad, trust me, I had about two this year, two last year. 

Second course: Raspberry sorbet to wash it down.
Very berry-ish, and light
Third course: salad with no meat, and a roll
Too much green, slightly strong crust, but still good
Fourth course: main course, vegetarian ravioli
It was either that or the chicken, and since I had chicken last year...
And no, I’m not a vegetarian… I think.
Fifth course: Dessert, a chocolate crepe with vanilla ice cream
This one was definitely my favorite. ^.^

Simply because of the ice cream, and no strange cooking alcohol after taste. 
And I think that’s it for today, so come back around tomorrow for what I saw in the gardens of the French restaurant, if you want.
***Au revoir ya voir plus tard

 * Butt/back
** I changed her name, for privacy reasons. 
*** Good bye and see ya later. 

 Quick french vocab: Deux - two

Trois - three


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