A [field] trip to a french restaurant part 2

You finish eating the last of your crepe, so you stand up and go outside (which thankfully is a bit sunny). With your camera in hand you begin to start exploring the garden of the French restaurant. You find a lot of ducks, water, and greenery as well as a couple of cottages. You smile as you're taking the pictures knowing this is a good picture opportunity, for you may never know when you're coming back to the restaurant again.

And here are the rest of the pics that I chose to share with you today from my trip to the French restaurant. There was a lot of geese (and guys not from my school scaring the geese). As well as a set of stairs to see some of the geese. You also had to watch where you're stepping in, because you might never know if some kind of bird dropping is right there. I also saw a couple of swans swimming and eating, swimming, and eating, etc. As well as a peacock on the roof, and another one on the ground. There was a hidden pathway that I think leads to a dead end, a bridge or two, the river, trees, cottages, etc.

Which makes me wonder, who lives at the French restaurant? Because I saw a house there even though it was mostly hidden by trees. Also, geese are not evil. *Randomly putting that out there*


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