A one in the morning kind of post

Homework, windmill design, aerospace cones (or in my team’s case arrows), the book Night by Elie Wiesel, laziness, spending time with my family, and dresses. All in the day of little Stacy N. Well it was technically more of the past two days, Thursday and Friday. However, I’m here now posting, aren’t I? Even if it is around one in the morning, but by metropolitan/city standards that’s kind of early or kind of really late. It just depends on how you look at it.

Now it’s time for me to flop around a bit tired but full of lightness that comes with being a bit hyper. As well, as listen to my older sister practice her Spanish, and type, which makes me, start to listen to my own typing. I think eating chips and nuts at night while watching a movie, shouldn’t be done again... maybe. I can’t say that it’s that much of a serious mistake to do, considering that all it’s made me do is either sleep or like this night make me a bit hyper.

Well enough of my rambling, because I think I may have gotten a new follower. Hello new follower that isn’t a flower; welcome to Sweets Galore, where I talk about whatever is on my mind. Which tonight maybe just random stuff, like being hyper that’s quickly turning into being tired right at the moment.

Another thing is, the movie I saw tonight was High School Musical 3, where I mostly made comments such as that’s cute, or how did he get a basketball? (During the graduation scene, when Chad somehow got a basketball.) However, I mostly watched and started to realize something. I’m literally near the area of where they filmed High School Musical 3. And I didn’t mean just the state, I meant the actual East High School, school. Also if you are wondering yes, East High School is actually called East High School, plus on the west side there’s a high school called West High School.

Well that was slightly random, but now you know that I live in the state where High School Musical (1, 2, and 3) was filmed. That, plus my state has the saltiest lake in the United States. And to make it even more random, I have never been to the Great Salt Lake in my entire life, despite living about half an hour to an hour away from it. Random fact, the Salt Lake only has brine shrimp in the waters considering that it’s the only organism that can actually live with that high of a salt content.

Now, that was... interesting, if not very random. Also, since I’m tired now, I’m just going to start posting pictures, as usual. Since apparently tumblr as well as weheartit got blocked because of the internet server, I have to settle on pintrest.com. Which I have heard is like tumblr only you pin stuff instead of reblogging, but I’m not going to get one [yet]. Tumblr seems a bit more addicting in my opinion.

Oh yeah, did you also know that part of the Great Salt Lake is green (or is it red?) for some reason that I can’t remember.







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  1. I completely LOVE the blog design; it looks really great!
    I was going to post the awards you gave me because you left two comments a LONG while back about them, but I've lost the links for them. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you tell me where I could find the 2 award posts on your blog so I can write those posts?
    I just saw the Hunger games yesterday! Did you like it and how did you think it compared to the books?