How to make a successful egg drop

-Straws (about 100)
- Tape/glue (to hold everything together)
- Tin foil
- Ziploc bag (the small kind)
- A sheet of notebook paper
- Two egg cartons cups
- Eggs (raw, not cooked!)
- Rubber bands

And I think that's about it.


  1. Brainstorm! 
  2. Start building
  3. Now drop it from a high place (the landing should be clear of anything and can be either grass or cement)
  4. Clean up the mess that you've probably made
  5. Have fun along the way as well!
- I would highly recommend covering all sides of the eggs with straws. So that way if it flips and it doesn't land on the side you wanted it to land. It will at least hopefully have landed on something soft. 
- Don't just have the Ziploc bag be  a cushion and just surround that with straws that looks like a small hut with the two eggs underneath. It won't work that well, trust me. 
- The more volume there is helps.

And if you made a successful egg drop with no parachute, then hopefully your egg won't have its fear come true.


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