I'm sorry if I haven't posting for the past couple of days life and school got in the way. I was also a bit lazy to upload the pictures from my camera to my laptop. But I finally did, yesterday and that was simply because I needed the room on my camera to take more pictures for a school project.

Well enough about me rambling about why I couldn't upload pictures. I did promise you the cosplayers (costume players) I saw two weeks ago at the Japanese Festival. So here they are with their anime/manga that I most likely forgot by now, for most of them.

Unknown by my account

The main anime characters of the show

Unknown but he's good with fighting dragons

Unknown, but I think the characters in this one is part of some American computer game.  

Unknown anime, but they do carry their props very well. 

Pokemon! (Obviously), dancing to the tune of this, there's the a** word in it, so caution. 

Unknown anime, but he's might tall 

Pika :p


  1. Wow, that's sounds so awesome! A Japanese Festival(:

  2. It is, there's drums, people in anime costumes, food, a tea ceremony, and more.