Procrastinating on schoolwork

*Caution rant, about school* *Read at your own risk* 

I'm supposed to do an essay that's due tomorrow. And it has to be exactly one page, in a 12 size font, must be Times New Roman, and have five paragraphs. This would be possible if it weren't for the whole essay must also be double spaced. Now that's slightly impossible, but not possible if it was two or three pages.

My geography teacher is a stupid guy sometimes. He expects too much out of his honors students. It's amazing that I haven't died from his rants and the work he gives us. But I might die tomorrow doing a three hour math test that also has an English test attached to it. And it's only for the Algebra 2 students. -_-


Plus there's the math finals, that I have to do as well. ^ [why???]. Now as I think about it, I have to collect some videos/pictures for my communications technology, and edit it all tomorrow. Only, I won't be in school the whole day because of the math test. 

So that's both good and bad news. Good news, I'll have more time to get my pictures/videos, bad news I'll have to work extra hard on Tuesday.

It doesn't help that...

I'm slightly sick, from something called milk. And I'm not even lactose intolerant >_<

J'aimerais voyager en Europe. (I would like to travel to Europe, now). 

Especially France, so I can visit my pen pal.
Just to get away from the final weeks of school, that is filled with work, work, and more work. Or just skip to the final week of school that is most likely going to be filled with picnic during English (because we have lunch then English), signing yearbooks, and going to the amusement park the next day. All for the special ninth graders that's going to the actual high school next year. 

In fact, why am I writing all this? I should be working on my essay, and I should be studying, and I should just read the book that I'm reading right now. Not procrastinating on it, especially since this is the last month of school. Bye et ĂȘtre heureux (bye and be happy). And...


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