I finished, I actually finished!! ^.^

After eighteen months and something days, I did it! I finally finished my book Immortality Doesn't Exist.

And I know that I should be sleeping, considering that it's a school night, but I was too excited and awake and I really wanted to finish this book. Though in truth, I'm very tired.

Well moving on, to talking about the book. It's my first novel that I ever finished. And it has 131, 792 words, thousands of lines and paragraphs, and roughly 259 pages. If you're wondering how many pages are in novel form it's about 485 pages. And most of the words/scenes are irrelevant to the actual story.

It's that long because I think in some way, I was scared to end the novel yet, because I was slightly attached to the characters. Even though they're going to be in another two books that's part of the trilogy. I know, I know trilogies are used so often now days, why am I using them?

And why wouldn't I? I love the characters I love messing with them, and I want to mess with them some more.

*Sighs* Now I have to do the editing process, which I have a feeling will be very, very, very long. Most of the scenes will be cut off, a lot of scenes rewritten. Considering that over the eighteen months my writing style has changed and I have learned what a Mary Sue is.

Well now I'll have something checked off on my unwritten bucket list.

And now I can ignore this. 

And I really do have to go to sleep, because I have some state testing thing tomorrow (today), for English. And I don't want to fail on it, even though the test is easy and I always pass it every year. 



  1. Wow, congrats!!! That's so awesome that you finished your novel!!(:

  2. 485 pages in novel form?!?! WHOA!! I don't even know you but that's seriously cool! Was it a nanowrimo novel?

    -Rachel(from worsensordoesnotimprove)

  3. Thanks! ^.^
    And I wrote part of the book for Camp Nanowrimo, but I guess that didn't really count since I joined it officially. I just wrote the book for fun in slight hope that I might publish it one day.