Poke, you're it.

I found the picture for the award after a lot of scrounging around.
I got another blog award. ^.^
And just like every other blog award in existence this one comes with a set of rules.

  1. You have to thank the person who nominated you on their blog to receive your honor.
  2. You have to tell 7 things about yourself and human canoe counts!
  3. You have to nominate 15 blog’s and then tell them of their nomination!

That seems easy, I guess, but what does the human canoe mean? Do you just do the award again if you got nominated again, or what? Oh well, I should get on with the post. 
Thank you TeiTay for giving me this award. I recommend checking out her amazing blog that's full of random stuff.
Now some stuff about me that I'm going to tell through pictures.

1. I procrastinate on stuff a lot, especially when said stuff is required to get done.

2. I'm starting to like Doctor Who however, I'm still in season one. 

3. I have to take a health and p.e class online during the summer, because I refuse to do it in the classroom and it's easier to do it online anyways.  

4. I want to learn Italian and go Italy with my newly learned Italian. 

5. I have a french pen pal that I still need to reply to.

6. I love chocolate chip cookies,  they taste better than the raisin ones any day.

7. Apparently I make weird faces when I eat and I don't really notice it because I'm thinking

Well I should start nominating people, I can't just stop the blog award chain. What's the point of having a blog award if you're not going to nominate people with it? And I can only think of three people to give this too, so I'm sorry if you're not one of the three people. 

  1. Olive
  2. Cossy
  3. Juliet 
Now I'm off to tell them.
And opinions are needed here
Also join the scavenger hunt contest my friend eshy is hosting. 

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  1. thank you so much! I really appreciate it! the actual award is really pretty compared to most. I like the colors, haha :)
    I also love your design, and 30 followers! that's great! :)
    Hope you're having a good summer, that's awesome that you don't have to take PE in school, i'm really jealous!