A refreshment course in netiquette rules

                It seems to me that people all over the internet are forgetting their etiquette rules on the internet or netiquette rules for short. They’re being rude without realizing it, posting stuff that’s not made for innocent young children. They’re using improper grammar which kind of pisses me off and other people as well, I’m guessing. And that can result in a lot of hurt and possible harm and if it’s serious enough possible a large fine and jail.
                So after reading this article from buzzle.com, for an assignment (since I wouldn’t have found it on my own), I decided to show you the ten netiquette rules. That is in a way like the Ten Commandments only for the internet.
  1. Humane and Respectful Treatment – We’re all connected seeing each other face to face or in this case screen to screen. And sure that they’re not right here next to us (though it kind of does feel like it) it doesn’t mean they don't have feelings. So before you post anything, think, “Will this offend people if I post this?” Even if you’re arguing with a person, respect their feelings. Don’t try to make them [even more] angry. And don’t forget the golden ruletreat people as how you would want to be treated.
  2. Plagiarism and Copyright Issues – Did you know that you can get kicked out of college or get suspended in school for plagiarism? It’s that serious, so if you’re caught doing these… I would recommend leaning how to turn your thoughts into words then apply that to school. In other words, learn how to write in your own words because it’s illegal to take someone else’s work and saying that it is your own. That includes pictures as well especially if you’re using a picture that’s going to be published to the world. Don’t just take it and say that it is your own because you can get in major trouble with the law if you do that. Ask permission from them first and if they say yes then use it. If it’s an article then cite where you got it from use this site to help you cite it. Your teachers will appreciate it and you won’t be doing something illegal along the way.
  3. Flaming –Flaming in other words is verbal abuse. It can hurt like physical abuse only so much worse because it can get psychologically inside of you. So if you’re angry with someone don’t be mean and hurt him or her, instead take a deep breath and try to take it in a nicer way. However if you’re unable to do that I recommend to let it drop and do something relaxing then get back to it with a calmer mind. If not and you post your mean post then congrats and say hi to your new enemy(ies) for me. And don’t forget to tell me if it works out in the end.
  4. Writing Style – THIS DOESN’T LOOK SO NICE DOES IT? and this looks plain tiring. Your writing style is important because it can determine who you are. IF YOU WRITE LIKE THIS, it sounds like you’re angry or very, very excited all the time. It hurts the eyes and it sounds like you’re shouting. It can be considered offensive with some people and for others it will cause them a headache. So DON’T DO THIS ALL THE TIME, instead do it when you have great news to tell. And don’t do it if you’re angry with people it can be quite mean and hurt them. Also, don’t write in lowercase all the time (not unless you’re the type of person that doesn’t like capital letters) because it sounds like you’re lazy and don’t like the shift button. Even though it’s right there very close to your pinky finger. So write as if you’re writing to your English teacher with both lower case and capital letters and no shouting. Your English grade is going to depend on it and probably your social circle on the internet.
  5. Check Grammar and Spelling – Lol I’m so QL f I wrt lk thus. (Translate here). Wrong it makes you sound like an idiot that has an F in English class right now. It’s very important that you display proper spelling and grammar because more people will take you seriously and take your life farther than people who text talk. If you don’t use proper grammar and spelling then it can piss a lot of people off and give them a headache. And they don’t need that, especially if they already have a lot on their plate already. Also, did you know that your grammar and spelling can tell another person how smart you are? It’s true. So in order to sound smart look smart with your writing meaning absolutely no text talk (not unless you’re on a phone or iPod that doesn’t really have an actual keyboard [small slide phone keyboards as well as touch screen keyboards with the letters a-z counts as an actual keyboard in my view). And capitalize the first letter of your sentence and other grammar rules that I don’t really remember yet know in a way. There’s a reason why English class is there guys. Also I would recommend writing something on Microsoft word (or some other place that has grammar check), then spell and grammar check it, then copying it and posting it on the internet. It will make you sound smarter and easier to understand and it won’t annoy people. And if you see someone use a grammar and/or spelling mistake please don’t explode on them, remember the other rules? Use a respectful approach and politely tell them. They’ll appreciate it a lot better.
  6. Honesty – If there wasn’t any honesty, imagine how high the crimes would go up. Then there’s the distrust that’s surely to come and most likely less people going on the internet less. Sure, a lot of people have fake emails, fake identities, profiles, etc on the internet. It’s probably used to get revenge on a person to meet new people, etc. That’s where the trouble comes people doing that all in good intention (most likely to get sex) but why lie? It’s illegal to cheat and lie to people (not unless you’re a police officer trying to catch the people doing it. This reminds me, has a police officer disguised as a fifteen-year-old girl ever met a sixteen-year-old guy that’s actually another police officer in disguise?)
  7. Abide to the Rules – Take a quick look at the agreement thing that no one really reads. There may be important rules that can help you stay on the site. And also try to follow the rules because they can save probably save your butt one day.
  8. Respect Privacy – Hacking into someone’s email/blog/tumblr/twitter/facebook/whatever account is by law illegal. Everyone has his or her own right to privacy and his or her passwords is like cancer in a way. It can’t be passed onto anybody except through genetics or bad nutrition (ask my older sister for more info on that) which is bad because they can use your password and do so much worse. Possibly making you feel scared knowing your privacy has been invaded.
  9. Research Well – The internet is like a fantasy world. Where everything you ever thought was true is in fact untrue. In other words, not everything on the internet is true so check your facts. Does the page look legit? Does it have sources? Do the facts sound smart and yet still make sense? If it is then it’s most likely true.
  10. Avoid Publishing Adult Content – Not everything is for adults trying to get horny. There are young innocent kids that aren’t ready to turn dirty-minded yet. Sure you may know how to look at something inappropriate without getting caught but that young child can probably find it if they click on the right things. So in order for there to be less inappropriateness on the internet is to have people not post inappropriate things on the internet. It can harm your safety if you do that, plus you can get a penalty if you do post something inappropriate on the internet.

Well that’s the ten rules that everyone should follow, because if you don’t consequences and harm will surely follow. As well as anger, lots and lots of anger. So please try to follow most of them if not all of them it will benefit you and others and gain you lots of friends. So have an amazing day and remember the netiquette rules.


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  1. Nice. Netiquette is the essence of humanity IMHO and I created the most widely used definition. Being humane means being nice to me. Thanks for sharing your netiquette, your awesome!