Writing letters in French

Great way to practice your french. Make sure to have a french expert edit it, so you don't sound dumb. Speaking of french...

The famous tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower) standing proudly in Paris, France. It was a great thing to see during the 1989 World Fair and it still is. 

Château de Chenonceau, the castle over the water. During World War 2 it was used as a hospital. It was also the border line between Germany and France and if you were fast enough you can escape the Nazis by crossing the hallway that's over the water. 

A pathway leading up to Arc de Triomphe. A great way to get stuck in a circle for a little while, until you find the direction that you're looking for. 

The Louvre museum holds the original Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. No flash photography please because that can damage the painting. 

Mont Saint-Michel is a hill with a castle on the top. You can travel up and up passing shops, museums, cafes, etc. However it involves a lot walking. The whole place is surrounded by water and if the tide is out you can walk towards Mont Saint-Michel if you want, but beware of quicksands. 

France is famous for their cafes. It is absolutely the best spot to get inspiration, it happened to some of the best people (whose names I don't remember) when they were sitting at cafe. 

Have you ever wondered why there's no skyscrapers in Paris, France? Well the answer is because the ground is too soft to really support skyscrapers. Why the ground is too soft you may say, well it's because of the catacombs. A long, complicated, dark, and scary tunnel system underneath Paris that has body after body of dead people. You can tour it I believe, but don't try to get lost, you can literally die down there. 

Patisserie- Pastry shop
Boulangerie- Bakery
The only place(s) that you should get your bread and pastries. In fact, you shouldn't leave France without trying a pastry, cheese, and if you're old enough wine. 

Well that is enough of French history from me, but I might do it again soon. Though I might do food next time because they taste good and I'm hungry. I also should stop procrastinating and write a letter to my french pen friend already, but maybe later considering that I should sleep. Well have an amazing night/day and à tout à l’heure (see ya later). 

A young girl still learning about everything in France,


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