So after some time procrastinating on my schoolwork and scrolling through my facebook account, I have decided to join Pottermore. Despite the fact that I only watched the first four movies and still have yet to read the books. However, I still know quite a bit about what happens in the end (thanks to Tumblr, my brother, and my friends). So it doesn’t really matter if you spoil something for me, I’ll find out anyways.
However, I like how Pottermore asks you what movies/books you’ve seen so they’ll try and not spoil it for you. This is nice for the people that hasn’t read the books but watched the movies and vice versa. So far I’m quite liking the site though it took me forever to get in (my password was too long so they cut it off without me noticing). I’m still in chapter one and it’s taking me a while to read through everything (characters/objects/places). I like to make sure that I know what’s happening in every part of the story despite still not having read it (I technically did read a little part of the first book a long time ago but I found it boring and stopped reading, though someday [this summer hopefully] I shall read the first book).
            By the way, if anyone wants to become friends with me, I’m SilverGlow16128. I’ll happily accept any friend requests since I’m not one to judge. And now I shall try to find the first Harry Potter book which hopefully is still around my house. Have an amazing day and good luck on your wizard/witch training.



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