1, 2, & 3

1. Currently hearting...

2. Meh

It was more telling than showing the story but it kept me interested enough to want to read the next book. The cover is nice with the tree swirling out of control just like the factions. It looks better than the purple one that is the United Kingdom's version. 

3. Currently disliking...

My package from createspace was supposed to come yesterday. And once I got it I was going to show you my five free proof copies that I got from winning nano. Only it didn't come because somehow my package got into a different state which is weird because it was just in my state on the ninth. And they could have just came to my town considering that it wasn't that far away but no someone [un]intentionally went to another state with my package. And *sighs* I have to wait another day to get it, and I think I'm going to rant at 750 words (a cool site that you can pour your thoughts into without anyone finding it [hopefully]. All you have to do though is try to write 750 words per day which is a bit harder than you thought it would be). 
Well have an amazing summery day. 



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