High School

I'm scared because the first day of high school starts in exactly three weeks from now. This means goodbye gradeless (or in between grades) and hello sophomore year. Where, there's going to be more responsibility that involves college math, a college preparatory class, lots of homework, and maybe a club or two. Mix in NaNoWriMo in November and I'm going to need help sleeping properly.

Another reason why I’m scared is because it’s the final three years that I don’t have to worry much about anything. It is the final time that I have to worry about food; the final time to worry about having a roof over my head; and the last time to have plenty of free time to really go on the computer.

Soon three years will be over in no time, and I’ll find myself in a college or university somewhere in the world, studying. Only what will I study? How can I apply that to my writing? And how will I get the money to pay for my studies? Writing a book and publishing it takes years, and I doubt that I have years to pay it off then. There are scholarships, SATS, and possibly ACTS to worry about…

See, it’s still summer and school is already worrying me.

However, I’m slightly excited about going back to school. I’ll get to see friends that I’ve “promised” to see during the summer and meet some new ones (goodbyes to old ones are over by now.) There are interesting things to learn about like the Civil War or how to dissect a pig (interesting to learn but I don’t want to actually do it.) There are fun and nice teachers that can help me get into a good college (my older sister’s talks about college are starting to rub off onto me.) There are activities to do such as Spirit Week and Homecoming. Dances to go to that will either result in an awkward but fun time or a nice and still fun time. Clubs to join that can help extend my social circle and my resume/college application. Plus it lets me stay away from the computer most of the day, which is both good and bad. Also school will help me get my sleeping schedule back on track… hopefully.

So what about you, fellow viewers, readers, and people that have happened to chance onto my blog; are you excited and/or scared for school? Why? And when does school start for you? Comment below and if you happened to be the 175th commenter or somewhere close to it (because the 175th commenter might be me) then you get an award. I don’t know what the award is but hopefully it will be awesome.
Have an amazing day/night~


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  1. hey! im also contributing for blog for joy! i just haven't written anything yet :P
    you will be FINE! I was sooo nervous for high school and it wasn't bad at all. you'll do great :) and good luck! :)
    P.S. I will let you know about Nano, not sure if I'm doing it yet!