Now comes the wait.


The 2012 Summer Olympics is officially over; now comes the wait for the 2016 Olympics that are going to be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Will the Opening and Closing ceremonies be as amazing as the ones held in London? Will there be many dancing, music, singing, etc?
Will my nineteen-year-old self be glued to the TV? Or will I write on my novels and hang out with my college friends?
Why do I bother asking these questions?
Last night, I found myself glued to the television watching the Closing Ceremonies, and it was amazing. From the singing, the acting, the dancing, the stomping, the talks, the torch going out, to the fireworks. I found it magical and I almost wished I could have been there enjoying it all. However, watching it on television was just as good.
So, did you watch the any part of the Olympics? If so, what part – the sports, the Opening Ceremony or the Closing Ceremony? If you didn’t watch the Olympics, than what did you do during the time?
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