A travelling book

 Don't you just love getting a package in the mail, especially a package that holds a book? If so, then you might be interested in doing the epic book travelling idea that Faith from The Love of Words is doing. It’s where you get a book, read it for a week, then send it off to the next person, then another person will send you a different book, and the cycle will repeat all over again. So it will look a lot like this, only there might be more books and/or people.

It’s a fun idea that might bring you new friends. You can write little notes (that doesn’t involve spoilers to the other people that still hasn’t read them) in the book and if you want, you can send the next reader something. You get the same person to send the book to, and the same person that’s sending you the book.

It does involve some money though because it’s using the postal system. And your address… but it’s a fun idea and I want to do it. So if you’re the person that I have to send the book to next be prepared because I might send you some notes/bookmarks/random stuff that will most likely say, “Enjoy the book ^.^”

If you want some more information on it, go here, and if you’re ready to start doing it go sign the contract after reading the rules and questions. After all, you do want to know what you’re getting yourself into.  

Have an amazing day/night~



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