A fun yesterday

Thanks to all the people who said happy birthday to me yesterday. Even if you're not reading this, it still means a lot to me, that you've bothered remembering.

And thanks to my family for making mine and my twin's 16th birthday an awesome day filled with good food and fun.

It was nice to go to the fun center to rock climb, play laser tag, get wet, etc. It was also weird to see the infamous Frog Hopper that John Green was talking about. However, I did not go on it simply because no one was commanding the controls and it would have been a little silly to be the only sixteen year old on it.

The Corn festival was also fun and a bit scary. Fun because we  got to roast marshmallows, do silly stuff, listen to cheesy songs, and do one too many mazes. Scary because of the haunted corn maze. It was filled with zombies, skulls, guys with chainsaws, murderers, a sense of vertigo, and any other scary stuff that left my siblings and I clinging to each other's jackets by the end. Plus another scary (but funny) thing was the dark hay maze, where random people would hide in corners and say boo to any passersby. 

It also nice to go to a buffet filled with good food and fortunes that seem more like true facts than something that will come true in your life. The cheesecake that is impersonating a birthday cake and ice cream and everything else that went along with it was... amazing. 

Maybe that's why I like birthdays so much. It's a day just for you (and anyone else that shares your birthday aka your twin, triplet, quadruplet, etc.) A day where you can do whatever you want no matter if you're 16, 42, or 549 yrs old. And no one would care because it's a day designed for you. The only exception to that rule is if you just did something illegal. 

So I got to say happy birthday to everyone, even if it's not your birthday today. And do something that you enjoy. Because you only do live once (not unless you believe in reincarnation or regenerating.) However, do something meaningful not something stupid that can possibly kill you. You don't want to die too soon and have everyone that loves you become sad all because of the stupid (in my opinion) saying YOLO.


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