Fall does not equal Winter.

~ A slightly edited poem about my favorite month of them all.

October is the month of falling leaves of bright red, yellow, and orange.
It's the time of month for chills to be in the air.
There are sweaters, boots, pants, and anything warm to be worn showing up here or there.
Camping and hunting are fun to do.
As well as playing games of football or cheering is fine too
Basketball season is just coming up.
And writers are busy trying to prepare for the anticipated NaNoWriMo season of 2012.
While eager kids-at-heart people are busy preparing their costumes.
Because Halloween is just around the corner
Meaning candy is being bought everywhere.
Warm tea and hot coco is being heated up in nearly every home.
Many birthdays are being celebrated.
And a lot of screams can be heard in the air.
As people walk through haunted mazes or even houses.
Trying to not be afraid of the monsters that haunt every nook and corner of your child hood past
This is the month of October.
My favorite month of them all

However, it makes me sad
To see snow falling on the ground
October is a month of jackets
Not a month for puffy coats
It is a month for devils to give kiddies candy
Only if the magic words Trick or Treat is said
It's not a month for Christmas
In fact, any hint of Christmas shouldn't be seen at all.
Santa isn't happy with October
Because of all the monsters
And people running around
Making anonymity impossible
In the leaves falling, chilly, too much candy being bought, month of October.


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