A quick little rant

My house - mainly my kitchen - is getting renovated.
There is only one kitchen in the house.
The fridge and the stove aka grill is in the cold garage.
The plates are in my room.
The utensils and microwave are downstairs.
And the only other sink is in the bathroom.
It's such a hassle to go get everything considering that everything that belongs in the kitchen is all over the house.
And it can't be piled in one spot because the building supplies and decorations took the whole living room and dining room table.
I'm also getting very pissed off with trying to find everything.
And the mirrors that my older sister insist to put everywhere in the house only show me a girl who is simply looking for stuff.
Eventually when I do find something (mainly the utensils) my appetite seems to have gone away.
But I force myself to go eat anyways or else I might faint with hunger.

Also the mirrors seem to be everywhere.
I think my older sister is slightly intent on turning the house into a crazy mirror place that you can go see at fairs and such.
My older sister is also very vain.
So of course she wouldn't stop buying mirrors or even put one down.
This is making me very angry and I am very tempted to throw a rock at one.
In fact, I will probably do that when everyone in the house (except me) is gone.
And once it is broken, I shall leave the house and let the door stay open for a bit.
So my other family members will think that a robber came.
If only I had the guts to do it though.
And plus it will be hard to get everyone including the handyman to stay out of the house and the property.

There is also the noise the sander and the saw and such makes.
And it is making me a bit distracted.
It's also hard to hear music or youtube videos when that thing is going on.
So it makes me a teensy bit irritated that I don't have any headphones or earphones to block that sound away.

Plus there is the remaining fact that my older sister thinks she understands me.
When in fact she doesn't even understand me much at all.
When I asked for TFiOS for Chrstmas her response was, "I'll get you something better."
That may not mean much to you guys but that comment isn't helping me feel any happier.
How is anything f****** better than TFiOS?
Doesn't she understand that is a book that I really, really, really (insert a bunch more really's) want?
Though I kind of hope she will also get me Doctor Who stuff and/or books for Christmas.
But knowing her she will probably get me toys and such.
She still thinks of me as a child.
I am a f****** sixteen year old, I am not a young little kid that wants toys and such.
Plus it's very annoying whenever she says that I'm a child and gets child tickets at the zoo and movies and such.
Again, I am not a little kid. 

I'm also very, very, very, very pissed off that my older sister basically rewrote my whole essay when I asked her to edit it for me.
And now because of her I got a B.
I hate it when my older sister think that I'm a dumb***.
Just today she taught me how to open a stupid door. (I'm not even kidding).
It's also annoying when she occasionally repeats the same stuff over and over again.
I also hate it when she forces me to do something that I don't want to do.
It's also very annoying that my older sister is giving me tips on how to be a successful writer when in fact I just want to write the story, not caring if I become famous or not. 
I also hate it when she says that I have to become a millionaire in life or something like that.
She will most likely use it all up anyways.
In general I'm just pissed off at my older sister right now.

I also hate the fact that the show I normally watch Doctor Who at, got rid of the only thing that made it worth coming back.
Which is a link to actually watch the show.
Meaning I have to hack into my older sister's netflix account.
It's also known as simply asking for her password.

I'm also pissed off at people who write alot instead of a lot. 
It's two words people!
Not one!

The End. 


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