Pretty but cold.

It snowed the other day around where I live. However, being in the non-mountainy part of Utah (or at least where I live), the snow is already melting. This means that it is nearly time to kick my boots off and go back to wearing my gray, not made for snow, shoes. But, I want it to snow again simply because it is December and the snow is pretty. However, I do not want the cold that comes with it. Simply because I feel like it sometimes chokes me (literally) causing me to take deep breaths as I force myself to endure it. Same thing for cold showers.

Now I admit that my memories are starting to fail me at this young age of sixteen. Meaning, I have no clue if I ever felt like this whenever I went outside in the cold in the past. And I don't know if this requires any medical or physiological attention, but if so please tell me. But for the moment I don't think I need any help because it isn't getting worse, just bearable if that makes sense.

But moving on. If snow could not be cold but warm in a way and almost fluffy like a marshmallow, I would be happy. It seems better than the cold snow that melts in a couple days time that my part of Utah keeps on having. However, I'm not complaining (much) because it looks pretty darn amazing during this time of year especially with Christmas just around the corner. If only it could stick around though. Which reminds me...

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  1. Could always be worse...like where I am, no snow yet! Stumbled across your blog and you've got a good style of writing, good luck on future endeavors! And wonderful, though a bit surprise at first, snowflake floating across the page thing!