Let us begin again~

Life is full of changes. It’s true; look around you, in fact, look at yourself. Can you remember being small? Can you remember losing your first tooth? Can you remember when you first started learning? Can you remember liking something that you used to like? Even if it is very vague, you can at least remember doing something of that sort. Now start remembering how you changed because of that. And just know that it’s normal.
So don’t be angry or worried if I’m changing too. I’m just like you, a person who can’t help but change even if it is unintentional. However, some changes are intentional like my blog. I couldn’t stand having the same theme for the rest of the year, because it will start boring me. Plus there are so many html tricks, begging to be used; and I couldn’t help but use them. Even if this meant altering nearly everything about my blog.
Plus, I didn’t want to have a blog title that doesn’t have anything to do with me or my life. I wasn’t a baker by nature. And by using the blog title, Sweets Galore, kind of implies that I am, despite the fact that there wasn’t any baking going on, on my blog. I am however a teenager who likes the band Of Monsters and Men, especially their song Little Talks. And, I am talking to you guys no matter how little I have to say. So the new blog title, my little talks, fits much better in my opinion.
So without further ado, let’s begin the whole blogging business again. 

P.S. Don't be surprised if there are a few small changes here and there.


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